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Why would you replace your broken alloy poles with the same alloy poles that will most likely break again?

Alloy poles have a one year warranty if you are lucky. Some brands explicitly exclude their poles from the warranty! Our fibreglass poles will not break which is why we offer a 10 year warranty.

If you would like a quote for custom-cut replacement swag poles for any brand swag, eg Jolly Swagman, ARB, Darche, Big Daddy, Oztrail, Wanderer, Dune, Hi-Country, etc we should be able to help.  You will need to advise the exact pole length(s) that you need to get your swag back up and running.

Our poles are 11mm straight solid fibreglass, coated with polyurethane - when setting up your swag you simply connect the poles and they bend into required dome shape of your swag.

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